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YMP | 1ft MXLR to left and right male 1/4" TS breakout cable

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The EWI YMP-1 is a special application adaptor cable for "breaking out" a stereo TRS connection into two 1/4" Male Tip/Sleeve connections.  This adaptor cable is intended for use with the EWI MP-105 cable.  The EWI MP-105 cable is a Male 1/4" TRS on one end and a FXLR on the other end.  When the above shown YMP-1 is used with the MP-105 cable, this will allow the TRS end on the MP-105 cable to be split out (broke out) into the Left and Right channels shown on the YMP cable.

The MP-105 cable is wired as follows:
  • Pin One FXLR to Sleeve of MTRS
  • Pin Two FXLR to Tip of MTRS
  • Pin Three FXLR to Ring of MTRS
The YMP cable is wired as follows:
  • Pin One MXLR to Sleeves of both Left and Right Male 1/4" TS ends.
  • Pin Two MXLR to Tip of Left Male 1/4" TS end.
  • Pin Three MXLR to Tip of Right Male 1/4" TS end.
Therefore:  When MP-105 is joined to YMP, the entire pair is wired as follows:
  • Tip and Sleeve of MP-105 1/4" TRS end to Left YMP 1/4" TS end.
  • Ring and Sleeve of MP-105 1/4" TRS end to Right YFP 1/4" TS end.
The 1/4" MTS ends are EWI model P292-BKG

The MXLR end is an EWI mode ES3MB-GDP

The cable itself is constructed with 99.98% pure 24ga. high strand count copper conductors.

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