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Bargain Basement Items: All sales are final.

A Stock: List price. Product is new in its factory packaging and is free of defects.

B Stock: 25% off list price. Fully functional and carries the original manufacturer's warranty. Product may be a demo model, unused customer return, or factory "second" and likely exhibits minor cosmetic blemishes or slight wear. the product has been inspected and is repackaged in its original packaging.

C Stock: 50% off list price. Functional with a limited warranty covering function at the time of delivery. Product likely has been a demo, customer return, or factory "second" and exhibits signs of noticeable wear and/or blemishes or is a discontinued item.

S Stock: 75% off list price. Item is significantly damaged or defective and may not function as-is. Repair may not be cost effective. Sold as "salvage parts". A brief description of the most apparent damage or defect included with the item's Bargain Basement listing.

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