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YMFF | XLR Spitter Cable | Two-fer | MXLR x 2 FXLR

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The EWI YMFF cables are special application adaptor cables for splitting or combining XLR signals.  This cable is typically used to combine a couple of mics or split the signal going to a couple of amps.  These cables are straight hard wired with no internal splitting transformers or resistors.

YMFF has the Female XLR ends wired through to the Male XLR end as follows:
  • Pins One FXLRs to pin One MXLR
  • Pins Two FXLRs to pin Two MXLR
  • Pins Three FXLRs to pin Three MXLR
The FXLR ends are EWI model ES3FB-GDP

The MXLR ends are EWI model ES3MB-GDP

The cable it's self is constructed with 99.98% pure 25ga. high strand count copper conductors.

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