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X-15 | Dus 2-Way Speaker Cabinet with 15" Woofer
X-15 | Dus 2-Way Speaker Cabinet with 15' Woofer

X-15 | Dus 2-Way Speaker Cabinet with 15" Woofer

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The DUS Audio X-15 is a two-way passive system with a 15" LF driver and 1" exit compression driver mounted on a 60 x 90 rotate-able constant directivity HF horn.  The HF compression driver utilizes an ultra-lightweight Kapton diaphragm for extended high frequency response.

The X-15's ergonomic multi-angle cabinet allows it to be used as a FOH speaker or as a highly intelligible floor monitor.

The X-15 comes equipped with a 1 3/8" top hat (pole cup) fitting for speaker stand mounting or can also be used as a pole socket when used with a sub-woofer.  Augmentation with a sub woofer is recommended for full range live music sound reinforcement.  If using the X-15 as a stand-alone full range cabinet, incorporation of a 40Hz high-pass filter is recommended.

The Dus Audio X-15 is a well proportioned, good looking, value priced speaker that sounds GOOD (in my opinion) and is ideal for speech or music application.  The X-15 is comparatively a generous sized speaker cabinet (it is on the big and heavy side), but you can get some pretty decent thump out of this cabinet, as well as broad spectrum SPL levels that cut through, either in wedge monitor or FOH applications.  Using the X-15 as a mid-high cabinet augmented with a sub is recommended for higher SPL level live sound reinforcement; however, augmenting the X-15 with a capable sub can result in very impressive total system performance.


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