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SUM-PSXM | Stereo to Mono Summing Cable 1/4" Male TRS to Male XLR

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The SUM-PSXM cable is a 1/4" Male TRS to Male XLR  Stereo to Mono Summing Cable. 

The EWI SUMMING Cables are purpose built to combine stereo left and right outputs into a single mono output.  These cables combine the signals utilizing a resistive network which avoids the problems associated with simple hardwired combiners (phasing issues, loss of low end and general poor sound quality). 

These cables are constructed with EWI model MSM-2650 cable, which is a 26ga. twisted pair spiral shield cable and assembled with EWI cord ends in four different combinations.  The 3.5mm (1/8") TRS end has been designed to fit into most device output jacks even if a protective case is installed.

Please Note: Phantom Power must be turned off when using this cable.

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