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SLMRF Right Angle Female XLR Microphone Cable
SLMRF Right Angle Female XLR Microphone Cable

SLMRF Right Angle Female XLR Microphone Cable

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The EWI SLMRF series cables are for special applications where a right angle plug is desired for the FXLR connection.  The stock equipped right angle connectors on these cables are oriented so the cable points "down" relative to the usual mounting of panel jacks and fixed mount microphones. 

The cable is constructed with the EWI Starline tm cable, which is two strands of 24 ga. 99.98% high copper purity main conductors plus 95% coverage braided shield and is equipped with EWI ES3FRC connectors on the female end and ES3MB-GDP connectors on the male end. 

The right angle ES3FRC connector is a standard single position metal shell XLR Female connector with a Nickel Silver finish and release button on the "top". The ES3MB-GDP MXLR cord end is a premium quality connector with exceptional strain relief as well as good quality connection points.  The body of these connectors are black anodized zinc and the strain relief nut is black as shown in the picture.  Each cable is labeled with the length and model. The ends are fully compatible with all other standard 3 pin XLR connectors and are hand soldered with good strain relief.

These are low noise, hand assembled, quality built cables suitable for professional applications.

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