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MXC-LS9 | Rack mount mixer Case for Yamaha LS9-16 mixing console
MXC-LS9 model shown above with lid removed and mixer mounted. ( Please note: Yamaha RK1 rack mount kit is required )

MXC-LS9 | Rack mount mixer Case for Yamaha LS9-16 mixing console

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This is the EWI Tourcase tm Model MXC-LS9 mixer case.  The case is designed to leave the LS9-16 permanently racked in the tray at a fixed angle.  Use of the Yamaha RK1 mounting kit is required.

This case has 10U mixer rails with a rack rail width of 19", drilled and tapped for #10 x 32 racking screws.   There is also extra room available beyond the end of the mixer rails and a cutout in the tray to allow access to rear connections.  The front cutout allows access to the LS9's headphone jack and volume control.

The MXC-LS9 side panels are constructed with 3/8 inch hardwood plywood and covered with a black ABS laminate finish.  The aluminum rivets on the 2 recessed padded flip handle are backed with washers to ensure strength and durability.  The removable lid is equipped with 4 medium sized recessed butterfly latches and 4 ball corners.  Mounted on the bottom of the case are 4 solid rubberized feet.

Please Note: the use of the Yamaha RK1 rack mounting kit is required to mount the LS9-16 in this case and is not included.

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