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KTFM 24 Ch. XLR Patch Snake
KTFM 24 Ch. XLR Patch Snake

KTFM 24 Ch. XLR Patch Snake

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The EWI MTFM / KTFM -24 series snakes are professional quality dual XLR fantail snakes.  This snake is typically used to extend a snake, used as a drop snake, or used for patching effects.

On each XLR fantail, the channels are clearly labeled with indelible ink printed on the tubing at each connector.  Labeling is channels 1 thru 24.  The channels are in color coded groups of 4 ea., and each group of 4 is bundled with 3 short, loose fitting pieces of clear loom that can be slid up or down the fantail as desired,  The helps keep the fantails from getting tangled and facilitates easy channel identification.  The fantail length is about 24" giving you about a 45" to 46" functional spread.

The KT series cable is constructed with EWI SMK series cable with 99.98% pure 25ga. high strand count copper conductors and individually jacketed pairs shielded by 100% coverage spiral shield on each pair.  The connectors are all EWI ES3B-GDP XLR models, black anodized cast zinc XLR bodies with gold plated contacts.

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