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MBQN-B Black Pro Quad Microphone XLR Cable with Neutrik XX-B Black and Gold Cord Ends
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MBQN-B Black Pro Quad Microphone XLR Cable with Neutrik XX-B Black and Gold Cord Ends

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The EWI MBQN-B Pro Quad XLR cable is a dual twisted pair premium mic cable with Genuine Neutrik XX-B Series Black and Gold cord ends. This a really nice cable suitable for high performance professional applications. 

"Quad"  mic cables are often preferred by professionals for their enhanced noise rejection and reliability due to the redundancy of the paired wiring.  Instead of only having two conductors and a shield, like regular mic cables, dual twisted pair mic cables such as these actually have four conductors and a shield.  There are two conductors wired to each of the signal connectors (pins 2 and 3).  Therefore, pin 2 and pin 3 have two wires each attached, with one wire from each pin paired and twisted the length of the conductor with the wires from the other hot pin

The theory is that twisting each wire the length of the conductor with a wire from the other pin allows any noise that is induced in one wire to be induced in a paired wire from the other hot pin.  Since the induced noise in both conductors will hit the transformer at the same time, the two signals will cancel, and the noise will not be transferred down the signal chain.  Besides all of that, since there are two conductors for each signal, if one wire fails, the cord will still work (maybe a little noisier, but it will still function)!

The 4 ea. 22 gauge signal conductors are extremely high purity 99.98% annealed copper.  The braided shield is also tinned 99.98% copper tightly braided to give 98% coverage, which is some of the highest braid coverage available. 

The Super Flexible Innocuous Neoprene PVC (SFIN PVC) resists tangles and stays flexible yet extremely durable over a wide range of temperatures.

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