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ISOBOX-2 | Two Channel Line Level Isolation Box

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This is a  professional application, two channel box designed for isolation and balancing of line level signals.  The construction is compact and rugged with components that are well suited for the application.

The transformers used in the ISOBOX series are manufactured to strict EWI tolerances designed specifically for this application.  The transformer used is a 1:1 turns ratio 600 ohm input to 600 ohm output, low distortion transformer with a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response.

This unit is typically used for hum issues in line runs from mixer to amp racks or for separate feeds to press box or other production equipment.  Each channel is equipped with a female XLR jack and one 1/4" jack on the input ( not to be used at the same time)  and a single male XLR jack on the output of each channel.  The box will also convert a non-balanced line signal to balanced through the 1/4" input.  There is a ground lift switch on the output of each channel and separate phase reversing switch on XLR output 2 for further adjustability depending on your application.

The box is extruded aluminum and comes complete with 4 nice rubber feet on the bottom to help keep it from sliding around on a slick surface or to avoid damaging a nice surface.

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