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FDB-404 | Four Channel Rack Mount Passive Direct Input Box

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This is the EWI FDB-404 Rack-Mountable Four Channel Passive Direct Box.  This is ideal for the keyboard player or any other musician (or A.V. company) that needs four D.I.’s in one spot.

This is high quality professional level passive direct box.  The transformers used (which are the key to a nice, fat, clean D.I. signal) are very high quality and specifically made for widely varying dynamic musical program.  The transformers are hand selected and tested by EWI to ensure high reliability and performance.

The EWI FDB-404 is loaded with features:  There are parallel balanced 600 ohm XLR outputs, one on the front, and one on the back for each channel.  The 50Kohm ¼” inputs and outputs are high quality all metal panel jacks which will hold up to years of plugging and unplugging.  Each channel is equipped with a 0, -20dB, and –40dB switchable pad.  Also each channel is equipped with a heavy-duty rocker style ground switch properly labeled “GND” or “Lift”.

The chassis is heavy gauge steel and the front mounting plate is 0.075” extruded aluminum (no plastic here).  As well as being durable, the all-metal construction further helps to reduce induced EMI into the unit. 

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