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CC-322 | Standard Dual Banana Cord End, black, red, and green

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The CC-322 Banana Plug is a standard dual banana plug, but with larger strain relief ring to accommodate cable cable jacketing.

The contact points are gold plated through to the termination points.

The body is plastic.

The cable clamp assembly/strain relief (D ring) is oversized and will accommodate cable up-to 0.360" O.D. (outside diameter) cable.  The termination holes are nominally 0.113" I.D. (inside diameter) and will typically accommodate conductors up-to 12 ga. in size.  The stock set-screw are standard straight blade screwdriver type, but I can upgrade the set-screws to a Grade 8 M4 x 6MM Allen Head with 2MM socket head for an additional charge of 20 cents per dual plug.  Although the straight blade set-screws are "good enough" for most applications, the Allen Head set-screw upgrade will allow the assembler to torque the set-screws with an 2MM Allen Wrench, which in my opinion is better than the straight blade set-screws. 

These banana plugs will piggy back for stacking speaker sends.

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