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CBK-2013 | Caster "Beef-Up" Kit  to improve weight and abuse handling of casters
Caster plate "Beef Up" kit shown above.

CBK-2013 | Caster "Beef-Up" Kit to improve weight and abuse handling of casters

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These caster plate "beef-up kits" are seemingly a unique solution for mitigating caster mounting plate warpage/buckling.  Caster mounting plate warpage can be an issue when ramping heavy cases in and out of trucks (for example).  An observed reason for this is common beveled transition ends of ramps, setting up a "worst possible" angle for applying stress to caster mounting plates.  Possible solutions to caster mounting plate warpage could be to source casters with thicker and/or larger mounting plates, and/or source casters with larger wheels and/or pneumatic wheels; however, we've developed and tested these caster plate "beef-up kits" as a cost effective solution that gets to the heart of the problem rather than addressing a symptom.  Testing suggests the cause of the caster plate warpage is commonly due to the caster plate flexing on the caster board, eventually compressing the caster board where the leading and trailing edges of the caster plate mounts to the caster board, thus loosening the mounting bolts, further aggravating the likelihood of warping the caster plate when subjected to enhanced stress.  These caster plate "beef-up" kits diminish the chance for caster plate warpage by spreading the stress of the caster mount plate mounted to the caster board over a larger area via the large black steel plate, as well as the silver colored mounting straps more securely sandwiching the caster plate to the mounting surface than conventional washers typically do.

This might be one of those ideas that's: "Why didn't anybody think of this before?"  But then, I suspect that if you have never had a problem with caster mounting plate warpage, either your cases are equipped with super-duty casters, or your roadie helpers don't get a good run at it before hitting the transition lip of the truck ramp.

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