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C12U-P-22M | 12 Space Heavy Duty Extra Deep Rack Case with Slant Top Mixer Rails
C16U-P-22 model shown above with covers removed.

C12U-P-22M | 12 Space Heavy Duty Extra Deep Rack Case with Slant Top Mixer Rails

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This is the EWI Tourcase tm Model C12U-P-22 combo rack case which has ratcheting 12U  mixer rails mounted at the top of the case and a 22" rack depth measured from the front rack rails to the rear rack rails.

The slant mixer mounting portion of the CU-P-22 series cases is designed to accommodate mixers with a rack mount requirement of  up to 12U (21").  A longer front to back mixer of up to 27" is possible to mount in this case by extending a portion of the mixer into the front and back lids; however, the mixer rack rails are 21" long.  The slant mixer rails are supported at the back with a ratcheting tilt mechanism which allows the mixer to be positioned at 10 different angles. 

The equipment rack rails of the CU-P-22 cases are actually two spaces longer than the model number implies.  Depending on your mixer height when laid into transport position, you may or may not be able to use this extra rack space for racking other equipment.  If your mixer extends down into this space when laid flat you will still have the full use of the rated rack space.  Please note:  The supplied panel blanks or a piece of rack equipment must be installed in the front and back rails at all times to provide rigidity to the case.

The CU-P-22 series side panels are constructed with 3/8 inch hardwood plywood and covered with a black ABS laminate finish.  The extrusion is all aluminum and the case is assembled with aluminum rivets.  The rivets on the 4 recessed padded flip handles are backed with washers to ensure strength and durability.  The cases roll on 4 heavy duty 4" swivel casters, two of which are braking style. The casters are shipped un-mounted with all mounting hardware included.

The CU-P-22 series cases are equipped with 3 lids:  front, back, and top.  The lids are secured to the case using 4 medium sized recessed butterfly latches per lid and the top lid is secured between the front and back lids.  Each lid has four heavy duty ball corners and the inside of the CU-P-22 series lids are fully padded with medium density foam rubber.  When the mixer rails are horizontal, there is approximately 2 3/4" of clearance between the top of the mixer rails and the inside of the top lid.

These are well made heavy duty cases manufactured to exacting tolerances and suitable for a variety of deep racking applications.

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