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AP-1526-8 | 15" 350 watt RMS Loudspeaker
AP-1526-8 | 15' 350 watt RMS Loudspeaker

AP-1526-8 | 15" 350 watt RMS Loudspeaker

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This is the AP-1526-8 15” loudspeaker. 

The AP-1526-8 incorporates a heavy cast aluminum frame basket, which resists deformation and aids in heat dissipation.  The mounting specifications are standard 8 bolt and the baffle cut-out size is typical of many other standard pro audio loudspeakers. 

The high power handling capacity and heavy duty construction of the AP-1526-8 is designed for pro touring or fixed sound reinforcement use, while the low distortion and well balanced response make it suitable for critical high level monitoring applications.

In other words, this is a pretty good speaker.

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