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YIN | Single Channel 1/4" TRS to 2 x 1/4" TS Insert Patch Cable

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The EWI YIN series cable is a single channel insert cable suitable for professional applications.  This cable is typically used to loop processing equipment like compressors and EQ's through a mixing console.

The 1/4" TS breakout is identified with the RED capped 1/4" TS connector wired to the RING (remember: Red, Ring, Right) and the BLACK capped 1/4" TS connector is wired to the TIP. This makes it easy to look in the back of your effects rack to see that all the like colored capped connectors are in the correct holes.

The cable itself is constructed with 99.98% pure 24ga. copper conductors.  The connectors are all EWI P292-BKG (TS) and P292S-BKG (TRS) models.

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