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SPPX 8 to 16 Channel Reel Snakes with 4 Return Channels on a Small Frame

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The EWI SPPX series snake is a smaller format reel snake which is an excellent choice for portable application. The frame size of this series has been reduced by nearly 20% from our full sized RPPX series snakes.

Both the fantail and stage box are all XLR. The send channels are available in configurations of 8, 12, or16 channels with 4 channels of returns on all models. The returns have parallel MXLR and 1/4" TRS panel jack on the reel drum. The 8 and 12 channel models are available in 100 ft. and 150 ft. Because of the smaller drum size, the largest configuration available in the 16 channel send by 4 channel return is 100ft.

The fantail is all EWI ES3FB-GDP (FXLR) and ES3MB-GDP (MXLR) black shell with gold contact point connectors with the Caps of the Returns color coded Red for easy identification. We have various lengths of MXLR to ¼" TRS adaptor cables available if your drive rack requires ¼" TRS connections for the sends, and if you need a little more length on the send channels to reach the drive rack. The fantail is heavy duty, color coded to groups and very well labeled with indelible ink.

The fantail is heavy duty, color coded to groups and very well labeled with indelible ink. The main trunk is constructed with EWI SMC cable which has individual shielded pairs, 22 ga., high copper purity conductors with double aluminum foil shield and trace wire, which is heavy duty and very flexible. There is a mesh grip strain relief at the fantail which will allow the fantail to be supported and take the strain off panel jacks. Included is a blue nylon bag to protect the fantail when not in use.

The reel and drum are well labeled. There is a brake mechanism on the drum to set it in place once you've reeled out enough cable. It's a friction brake, so it doesn't lock the drum down hard which is a plus if somebody starts tugging on the cable unaware that the brake is set. There are two brake indents where the brake can be set to lock the drum down solid. There are 4 rubber feet mounted on the bottom of the reel frame.

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