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EWI PSMN-SWITCH Premium Switched Mic Cable with Neutrik Cord Ends

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The EWI PSMN-SWITCH Premium XLR cable is a twisted pair with braided shield premium mic cable and Genuine Neutrik Switched female XLR and Neutrik male XX Series cord ends.  Built with EWI PCB-1560 cabling, this is a really nice cable, suitable for professional applications.

The 2 ea. 22 gauge signal conductors are each constructed of 60 strands of 0.08mm high purity annealed copper.  The braided shield is constructed of 112 strands of 0.08mm tinned high purity annealed copper tightly braided to give 98% shield coverage.  This high count of thin strands in the conductors and shield is to offer improved flexibility in the cable while attaining the 22ga. of the conductors and density of the braid shielding.

The outer jacket is constructed with Super Flexible Innocuous Neoprene PVC (SFIN PVC) which resists tangles and remains flexible yet durable over a wide range of temperatures.  The conductor insulation is constructed of Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE), chosen for it's physical properties of being relatively tough, flexible, and chemically inert while offering good electrical insulation properties of  high dielectric strength and very low electric conductivity.

The cord ends (connectors) equipped on the PSMN-SWITCH model cables are Neutrik (Liechtenstein) brand, models NC3FXS-B (female) and NC3MXX (male).  These are three pin XLR type connectors.

These are low noise, durable, hand assembled, quality built cables suitable for professional applications.

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