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PMSA | Two Conductor | 1/4" G&H Mega Foot® Equipped | 13 Guage Speaker Cable

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This is your basic black 1/4" speaker cable.  The cable is two conductor 13 gauge.  The ends are nice fat heavy duty G&H  Mega Foot 1/4" male TS with heavy shrink tube covering the ends and continuing down the cable a couple of inches for added strain relief.  Besides helping the longevity of the cord, the shrink tube is an added safety feature. 

This is a good, heavy duty cable, capable of carrying upwards of 1000 watts from your amp to your speaker.  

Cables of 50ft. length and longer will come equipped with a velcro type tie strap as shown in the pictures.  Tie straps for the shorter cables are available upon request.

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