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PDS | Rackmount 25 Pin DSUB to TRS Breakout/Patchbay

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The EWI PDS-202 and PDS-404 are single space,  25 pin female DSUB to 1/4" TRS rackmount breakout/patchbays.  Each 25 pin female DSUB panel jack is wired internally to 8 female TRS jacks and labeled clearly as to which DSUB is connected to which set of 8 TRS jacks.  The PDS-202 has two DSUB jacks giving a total channel count of 16 TRS while the PDS-404 has four DSUB jacks with a total channel count of 32 TRS.  The TRS jacks can be utilized as either balanced sends or returns depending on your particular needs.  Patching from the TRS jacks to other gear can be accomplished with separately available adapter cables:  MP-106 (TRS to MXLR),  MP-105 (TRS to FXLR)  and IP-101 (TRS to TRS)

The rack ears on the patchbay are detachable and reversible which allows you to mount the breakout/patchbay in your rack with either the TRS panel jacks "forward" or the 25 pin DSUB  multi-pin disconnects "forward".

Combining the PDS breakout/patchbays with our  DSUB snakes  and  DSX-8  stage boxes can create a quick, multi-pin disconnect system especially useful for digital rack mixer setups.

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