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NL213GA | NL4FC Speakon equipped 13/2 Speaker Cable

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The EWI NL213GA Speakon® equipped 13 gauge by 2 conductor speaker cable is suitable for common full range speaker powering application.  These cables are standard equipped with genuine Neutrik NL4FC ends wired to pins 1+ & 1-.

The cable stock is EWI NNS-1492  which is a 13ga. x 2 conductor fine stranded, high purity copper speaker cable.  This cable lays and coils nice considering the good durability properties.  Each end is labeled with printed shrink tube as to the type of cable and length. 

The ends are genuine Neutrik NL4FC Speakon®.  The connectors are assembled as per Neutrik recommendations with an eye to detail and quality workmanship.

Included with each speaker cable is a Velcro Tie Strap to for storage of the cable.

Note:  Be aware that different amplifier and speaker manufactures use different configurations for Speakon wiring.

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