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KTPS  8 Channel TRS Patch Snake
KTPS 8 Channel TRS Patch Snake

KTPS 8 Channel TRS Patch Snake

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This ¼” TRS  8 channel  effects snake is a specialty item.  It’s primary function is to patch effects to a mix console or patch a mix console to a recording/playback device. The fantails are approximately 18” each with a functional spread of about 34”.  The 8 channels are color grouped (red, blue, white, and yellow) with 2 channels per color group.  Since all the ends are fully wired to the TRS ¼” connectors, this snake can be used for balanced or unbalanced patching.

The KT series cable is constructed with EWI SMK series cable with 99.98% pure 25ga. high strand count copper conductors and individually jacketed pairs shielded by 100% coverage spiral shield on each pair.  The connectors are all EWI ES3B-GDP XLR models, black anodized cast zinc XLR bodies with gold plated contacts.

Both fantails are clearly labeled 1 through 8 as well as each conductor in the colored groups labeled the length of the conductor 1 and 2 in each group.  The individual channel labeling is printed with indelible ink and is very durable and fairly easy to read.

This effects snake was designed by users to be user friendly.

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