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KTMS-8-15 | 8 Channel 1/4" TRS x MXLR 15 ft. Patch Snake

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This 8 channel 1/4" Male TRS x 8 channel Male XLR x 15ft. Patch Snake is a specialty item. It's primary function is to patch effects to a mix console or patch a mix console to a recording/playback device. The overall length from tip to tip is approximately 15ft. The fantails are approximately 18" each with a functional spread of about 34". The 8 channels are color grouped (red, blue, white, and yellow) with 2 channels per color group. The ends are wired as such:

1) 1/4" TRS Tip to MXLR Pin 2

2) 1/4" TRS Ring to MXLR Pin 3

3) 1/4" TRS Sleeve to MXLR Pin 1

The main trunk is constructed with EWI SMK cable. This is a triple insulated cable with each channel fully jacketed. The conductors are 25ga. high purity copper with each channel's two conductors surrounded by a 95% coverage spiral copper shield. The ends are heavy duty EWI P292S-BKG (TRS) and ES3MB-GDP (MXLR). Both fantails are clearly labeled 1 through 8 as well as each conductor in the colored groups labeled the length of the conductor 1 and 2 in each group.

This effects snake was designed by users to be user friendly.

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