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MTIS 12 Channel TRS x 24 Channel TS 15 ft. Insert Snake

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The EWI MTIS-12x24 series snake is a medium quality professional insert snake.  This snake is typically used to loop processing equipment like compressors and EQ's through a mixing console.

On the 1/4" TS breakout fantail, each 1/4" TS connector is labeled with the channel number and designated as wired to the Tip or Ring of the 1/4" TRS connector on the other fantail.  Additionally, the Tip wired TS connectors are identified with a Black compression nut on the connector and the Ring wired TS connectors are identified with a Red compression nut on the connector. 

The channel numbers of each fantail are labeled down the length of the fantail and color coded to groups.  This allows the user to identify the placement of the 1/4" TS connectors in an effects rack without removing the connectors from the panel jacks on the processing equipment.  The 1/4" TRS channels are labeled Ch.1 thru Ch. 24.  The 1/4" TS channels are labeled Ch 1 Tip and Ch 1 Ring through Ch 24 Ring and Ch 24 Ring.

The fantails are about 32 inches on each end.  The 1/4" TS fantail has each channel of Send and Return grouped with about 16" spread on each channel grouping.

The cable itself is constructed with 99.98% pure 22ga. high strand count copper conductors.  The connectors are all EWI P292-BKG and P292S-BKG models.  The main trunk itself is somewhat stiff, but will limber up some with usage and is a "reasonable" stiffness for a 24ch. fully jacketed snake.

The mesh grip strain relief hanger is included on the 1/4" TS end.

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