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MSNA "Slimline"  XLR Microphone Cable with Neutrik XX cord ends
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MSNA "Slimline" XLR Microphone Cable with Neutrik XX cord ends

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The EWI MSNA "Slimline" cable models are balanced 3 pin XLR type with a genuine Neutrik XX Series male XLR connector on one end, and female XLR connector on the other end.
These cables are constructed with the EWI model MSM-2650 cable, which is a 26ga. twisted pair spiral shield cable.    

The cable OD (outside diameter) is nominally 5mm (0.197"), making these cables very flexible and approximately 1/3 less weight of our standard microphone cables.  The conductor strands are 12ea. 0.12mm diameter annealed copper.  The spiral shield strands are 67ea. 0.12mm diameter annealed copper and provide 98% coverage.  The smaller gauge also reduces overall capacitance in the cable.  The outer jacket of the cable is constructed with HFI PVC.

The longer length cables are available in 2 different styles of outer jacket insulation:  Satin or Semi-Gloss.  The semi-gloss is a little shinier but is somewhat more tangle free than the Satin version. 

These are low noise, hand assembled, quality built cables suitable for professional applications.

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