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MQ-102 Blue Pro Quad XLR Microphone Cable
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MQ-102 Blue Pro Quad XLR Microphone Cable

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The EWI MQ-102 Pro Quad XLR cable is a dual twisted pair premium mic cable, suitable for high performance professional applications. 

"Quad" mic cables are often preferred by professionals for their enhanced noise rejection and reliability due to the redundancy of the paired wiring.  Instead of only having two conductors and a shield, like regular mic cables, dual twisted pair mic cables such as these actually have four conductors and a shield.  There are two conductors wired to each of the signal connectors (pins 2 and 3); therefore, pin 2, and pin 3 have two wires each attached.  These four conductors are twisted in a square formation the length of the cables.  The opposite conductors are connected in parallel at both ends to form a single, magnetically-concentric balanced pair, which minimizes magnetic induction in the cable.

The 4 ea. 22 gauge signal conductors are extremely high purity 99.98% copper.  The braided shield is also tinned 99.98% copper tightly braided to give 98% coverage, which is some of the highest braid coverage available. 

The outer casing of the MQ-102 cables is manufactured with SFIN type PVC.  SFIN PVC is an acronym for "Super Flexible Innocuous Neoprene Poly Vinyl Chloride".  Since the MQ-102 cable is constructed as a 22ga. starquad cable with a fairly tightly braided shield, the cable is inherently less flexible than other types of mic cables might be, but the SFIN PVC outer casing material is used to assist in enhancing flexibility, tangle resistance, and durability of the cable over a fairly wide range of temperatures.

The distinct royal blue color of the MQ-102 cables was selected to offer minimal distraction of the stage appearance, while intending a higher level of visibility compared to black cables to offer possibly a better measure of safety for stage personnel moving about on a dimly lit stage.

The MQ-102 series cables are equipped with EWI ES3FB-GDP and ES3MB-GDP XLR three pin XLR ends, which are fully compatible with standard XLR connections. The XLR ends are a black anodized cast zinc shell with gold contacts, and are hand soldered with good strain relief.  The connectors used are the same as those used on the MBQB Pro Quad mic cables and the SLMA series cables.

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