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ML-620e | 6 Channel Rack Mixer
ML-620e | 6 Channel Rack Mixer

ML-620e | 6 Channel Rack Mixer

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This is the EWI ML-620e 6 Channel Rack-Mountable Mic Line Sub-Mixer. 

This unit has 6 inputs and 2 parallel outputs located on the back side.  This is a “mono” mixer, so all of the inputs are mixed basically to one output, but the output has two sends which will allow you to send the signal to two places if need be.  The 6 inputs will accommodate either balanced XLR, or unbalanced ¼”.  The outputs are parallel balanced XLR plus there is a feed for a single RCA connection.  There is also a single RCA input and separate attenuator to add this to the mix.

The front side each input channel is equipped with a Phantom Power switch, selectable for “off”, 12v, or 48v.  There is a Level control to mix and a “Hi” and “Low” frequency control for each channel.  Finally, on the right side of the mixer is the RCA input volume control, the Master output control and the Master Power Switch (with red LED status light).

The unit's width is standard 19” rack mount.  The height is 1U (1 ¾”).  The depth is 4” behind the rack ears.  There are 4 nice rubber feet on the bottom to help keep it from sliding around on a slick surface, or marring up something you set it on.  The unit weighs 3.55 lbs.  Power is supplied by a 12V DC 110V wall-wart type adaptor.  The chassis is heavy gauge steel and the front mounting plate is 0.075” extruded aluminum (no plastic here).  As well as being durable, the all metal construction further helps to reduce induced EMI into the unit.

This mixer would not work as a primary mixer, but rather is intended to be used as a sub-mixer patched into a main mixer.

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