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These are Bargain Basement Tripod Stands that we received as samples.   Please keep in mind that we are selling these samples off and not ordering more for inventory because they aren't quite up to snuff.  They are priced accordingly however, so it's not like you aren't getting your money's worth.  We would consider these stands great for the weekend warrior band,  as long as you play just 1 or 2 weekends a year and you're easy on your gear and you're not sure how long the band project might last anyway or they might be good for store displays especially in windows where people aren't always messing with the adjustments.  Photography props may be another good use for these as long as the model is careful and doesn't get too theatrical.

Now it's not that they are horrible, we know there are worse stands out there,  they do have a metal tripod base and metal clutch mechanism and generally they will hold a mic and stay in position.  It's just the overall fit and finish is a little loose in places and a little tight in other places so you won't want to put these on the "A" stage.  As an added bonus though, the stands come with cord clips which is a pretty good deal.

There are 3 models to choose from but that is mainly for inventory tracking on our end because there seems to be no real difference in any of them except for the model number stamped on the cheesy cardboard box.

The main stand extends to about 52" from the floor and the boom is about 30" end to end.

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