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MF2P | G&H Megafoot™ TS cord end, heavy duty, nickel

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The G&H Megafoot 1/4" male TS cord end is considered by many as legendary for its trustworthiness.  The highly regarded trustworthiness of the Megafoot end is due to its over all robust construction, combined with the trademark continuous copper core construction of the tip.

The Megafoot end has a reputation as being a "show saver" since it will withstand abuse and keep functioning where other lesser cord ends would have failed miserably.  It is possible to damage a Megafoot end, but instead of breaking, like many other ends do, and possibly dead-shorting an amplifier (and damaging the amp), the continuous copper core construction of the tip allows the tip to bend if subjected to severe side stress.

The cable outlet hole of the shell has an ID of 0.40", which will typically accommodate 12 ga. and even some 10 ga. cables.  The termination points are solder type.

The Megafoot end is quality built in the USA, time tested and proven as one of the best of the best.

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