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IP-101 1/4" TRS Balanced Patch Cable
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IP-101 1/4" TRS Balanced Patch Cable

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The EWI IP-101 is a 1/4" TRS balanced patch cable suitable for professional applications.  This cable is made from the same EWI Starline tm cable stock that regular Starline tm mic cable is made from; however, it is equipped with 1/4" TRS ends rather than XLR ends.  This patch cable is suitable for interconnects between electronic equipment equipped with 1/4" TRS balanced connection jacks.  Of course, this TRS patch cable will generally work in most applications requiring a 1/4" TS cable as well.  

The EWI Starline tm cable, is made up of two strands of 24 ga. 99.98% high copper purity main conductors plus 95% coverage braided shield. The IP-101 cable is equipped with EWI P292S-BKG connectors, which have a black anodized shell and gold plated anode.  This cable offers decent noise rejection and yet is extremely flexible.  The PVC jacket adds to the flexibility and is  resistant to tangling.

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