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ERD | Rear Support Brackets
One pair of ERD2U-18 support brackets shown above with included mounting hardware.

ERD | Rear Support Brackets

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The EWI Tourcase tm  Model ERD Rear Support Bracket is a direct bolt-on attachment for our SRD series of rack drawers.  Although these rear support brackets were developed for the EWI rack drawers and racks,  they might also be suitable as rear support brackets for other rack mount items (amplifiers, test equipment, etc.).

The ERD1U-18, ERD2U-18, ERD3U-18, and ERD4U-18 brackets might be suitable for these depths of rack gear in racks with the following front to back rail depth measurements:
  • 14" deep racks:  8 1/2" to 13" depth equipment
  • 16" deep racks:  10 1/2" to 15" depth equipment
  • 18" deep racks:  12 1/2" to 17" depth equipment
  • 20" deep racks:  14 1/2" to 19" depth equipment
  • 22" deep racks:  16 1/2" to 21" depth equipment
The ERD-22 Series brackets add an additional 4" of length for deeper cases or shallower gear.

Some modification may be needed to fit the bracket to your particular equipment or rack. See dimensions in the pictures to determine your particular needs.

Each ERD set comes with a pair of brackets and mounting hardware.  The hardware consists of four #10 x 32 rack screws and two M8 x 16mm carriage bolts and nuts for locking the mounting bracket to the equipment.  The brackets are constructed with 0.075 (14 gauge) sheet metal. The finish is matt black powder coating.


Some examples above showing the ERD brackets mounted to an amplifier.

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