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DSUB  | 25 Pin Male D-sub to 8 Channel TRS Fantail
DSUB to 1/4" TRS Available with EWI or Neutrik Ends ( EWI cords ends shown above )

DSUB | 25 Pin Male D-sub to 8 Channel TRS Fantail

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 3ft and 5ft lengths now available!

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The EWI DSUB TRS patch snake is a specialty patch cable constructed with a metal housed, 25 pin male DSUB connector on one end and 8 channel fantail on the other end.  The fantail length is about 18" giving you about a 32" functional spread.  The fantail is available in a variety of configurations including EWI or Neutrik cord ends. Also available is the option to add a mesh grip hanger to the fantail end.

The DSUB snakes are built with EWI SMK series 8 channel cable. SMK series cable features 99.98% pure 25ga. high strand count copper conductors and individually jacketed pairs shielded by 100% coverage spiral shield on each pair. The robust metal shelled 25 pin DSUB connector is expertly hand assembled in Korea and the fantail connectors are hand assembled in the US at Audiopile.

The DSUB patch snake can be paired with the EWI DSX-8 stage box, PDS breakout/patchbay and/or the DMDM pach snakes to create a compact and configurable drop snake system.

Custom fantail combinations of XLR and TRS cord ends are available upon request.

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