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DMX-3APX | Premium 3 Pin DMX Cables with Neutrik XLR Cord Ends
Blue cable shown above. Black is also available.

DMX-3APX | Premium 3 Pin DMX Cables with Neutrik XLR Cord Ends

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Audiopile Premium DMX cable models are specifically constructed for DMX applications.

These cables are constructed with EWI model BCM-2170 cable, which is a 22ga. twisted pair cable with both braided and foil shields. The cable conforms to AES3 or AES/EBU IEC 60958 standards for Type I balanced – 3-conductor, 110-ohm twisted pair cabling with an XLR connector for DMX. The conductor strands are 19ea. 0.16mm diameter tinned annealed copper. The braid strands are 96ea. 0.12mm diameter annealed copper and with the foil shielding provide 100% coverage. The outer jacket of the cable is constructed with HFI PVC. The cable OD (outside diameter) is nominally 6.7mm (0.26"). The cables are available in Blue and black.

The ends are genuine Neutrik NC3XX and Neutrik NC3XX-BAG XLR cord ends. The next generation of the worldwide accepted standard of XLR cable connectors. The successor of the X series offers several new features which make it more reliable, easier to assemble and improves contact integrity as well as cable strain relief.

These quality built cables are hand assembled in the US at Audiopile and are suitable for professional applications.

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