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DMDM | 25 Pin Male D-sub to 25 Pin Male D-sub
DMDM-15 shown above.

DMDM | 25 Pin Male D-sub to 25 Pin Male D-sub

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3ft, 5ft and 10ft lengths now available!

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The EWI DMDM patch snake is a specialty 8 channel cable constructed with metal housed, 25 pin male DSUB connectors on each end.

The DMDM snakes are built with EWI SMK series 8 channel cable.  SMK series cable features 99.98% pure 25ga. high strand count copper conductors and individually jacketed pairs shielded by 100% coverage spiral shield on each pair.  The robust metal shelled 25 pin DSUB connectors are expertly hand assembled with an eye for detail and durability.

The DSUB-DMDM patch snake can be paired with the EWI DSX-8 stage box or PDS breakout/patchbay to create a compact and configurable drop snake system. 

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