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BRC-003-BLK | Technician's Large Briefcase Style Work Box

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This is the EWI Tourcase tm BRC-003 Briefcase, the largest version of our popular BRC-001 briefcase.  Currently, the EWI BRC-003 briefcase is available only in black.

This case is well suited for the technician who needs something suitable to hold a small mixer, specialized equipment, tools, audio cables, and other items, and to pack that stuff to the job site in style.  There's nothing like an ATA style briefcase to accompany a sound or lighting technician's entrance on a job site.

The BRC-003 side panels are constructed with 3/8 inch hardwood plywood and covered with an ABS laminate finish.  The extrusion is all aluminum and the case is assembled with aluminum rivets.  Mounted on the bottom of the case are 8 solid rubberized feet for laying and standing positions.

The case is equipped with two recessed butterfly latches on the front which securely latch the case together and which have previsions for small pad locks.   The case lid is hinged on the back with a robust piano hinge and lid stop.  The carrying handle is nicely padded, and won't bite into your hand even when the case is heavily loaded with stuff.  The inside is fully padded with 1/4" thick high density foam.

This case is a NICE briefcase style work box which not only functions well but really "looks good in traffic".


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