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BC7 | EWI Cable Tester
BC7 | EWI Cable Tester

BC7 | EWI Cable Tester

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The EWI BC7 Bug Catcher is similar to many other cable testers, but EWI went the extra mile to make a lifetime grade tool.  There’s LED lights for both send and receive on each of the 5 different pin tests.  Also there are status lights for the battery and short to ground on any of the five pin tests.  Everything about the Bug Catcher is heavy duty.  Besides working like it’s suppose to, as any good tool, it just feels good in your hand.

There are two rows of LED lights.  One indicates the sent signal, the other indicates the returned signal.  The rotary knob indicates the conductor or pin-out being tested.

The Bug Catcher is also equipped with a Red short to case indicator and a green battery status indicator.

This is a basic analog cable tester.  This cable tester is very easy to use and is something every soundman should carry in their bag of tricks.

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