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A6UE-10 | 6 Space, Heavy Duty, 2 Lid, Anti-Shock, Rack Case with 10" Rack Depth

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This is the EWI Tourcase tm Model A6UE-10 anti-shock rack case which has a 10" rack depth measured from the front rack rails to the rear rack rails and 1" thick closed cell foam padding between the outer case and inner rack shell.  The rails are 6U (10.5") in height and are drilled and tapped for standard #10 x 32 racking screws.  This rack is suitable for shallow depth, 19" wide rack gear.

The A6UE-10 side panels are constructed with 3/8 inch hardwood plywood and covered with a black ABS laminate finish.  The extrusion is all aluminum and the case is assembled with aluminum rivets.  The rivets on the 2 recessed padded flip handles are backed with washers to ensure strength and durability.  Mounted on the bottom of the case are 4 solid rubberized feet.

The case is equipped with two removable lids.  Each lid has four heavy duty ball corners and the inside of the AUE series lids are fully padded with medium density foam rubber.  The lids are secured to the case using 2 medium sized recessed butterfly latches.  Either lid will fit on either side of the case, right-side up or upside down.

These are well made heavy duty cases manufactured to exacting tolerances and suitable for a variety of racking applications.

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