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Tourcase TM

JBL-SRX-712M Speaker
"Drop in"  Case

Road Case Suitable for two
JBL SRX-712M Speakers

Road case for JBL SRX-712M speakers
Price: $275 + shipping
Actual case weight: 63 lbs.
Dimensional shipping weight:  93 lbs.


Key Features

  • Tough 3/8" plywood and ABS laminate panels
  • Recessed butterfly latches and padded flip handles
  • Large steel ball corners
  • 4" swivel casters
  • Foam lined
  • Pull over style cover
  • Fully hinged lid, speakers load from the top
  • Chrome plated hardware


Road case for two JBL SRX-712M speakers


Model JBL-SRX-712M shown above with speakers.
(Speakers not included.)

Model JBL-SRX-712M shown above. 

Technical Description

This is the EWI Tourcase tm  Model JBL-SRX-712M road case, which is a "Drop In" style case, with a fully hinged lid suitable for housing two JBL SRX-712M speakers.  This case could also be suitable for other makes and models of speakers.

The side panels are constructed with 3/8 inch hardwood plywood and covered with a black ABS laminate surface. The extrusion is all aluminum and assembled with aluminum rivets. The rivets on the 4 recessed handles are backed with washers to ensure strength and durability and the inside of the case is fully lined with 1" and 3/8" closed cell foam rubber.  There is a divider in the bottom to separate and protect the two speakers.

The JBL SRX-712M case is equipped with 2 recessed butterfly latches to secure the hinged cover to the tray and four 4" swivel casters are included, two of which are locking style.  The casters mount to a 3/4" plywood caster board.  This case also has caster cups built into the top to allow stacking of another case. 

The EWI Tourcases are manufactured to exacting tolerances with excellent fit and finish.  This is a well made case that is sized nicely to house two JBL SRX-712M speakers, however Check the dimensions of your speakers for proper fit before ordering.



  • Manufacturer: EWI
  • Model:   JBL-SRX-712M
  • Type:  Pullover road case for various PA
    speakers including
    JBL SRX-712M
Inside dimensions:
  • Left to right of each compartment:  10 5/8"
  • Front to back:  14"
  • Tray height:  19 5/8"
  • Lid clearance:  2 1/2"
  • Total inside height:  22 1/8"
Outside dimensions:
  • Left to right:  27" measured at ball corners
  • Front to back:  17 1/2" measured at ball corners
  • Height:  30 5/8" measured on casters
  • Color:  Black
  • Actual weight:  63 lbs.
  • Shipping weight:  73 lbs.
  • Dimensional shipping weight:  93 lbs.
  • Warranty:  3 years covering mfg. defects



  • Shipping charges are based on the dimensional weight of the package.


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